Simple but more

JAS outlet: not just another siphonic roof drain, but a totally new concept for drainage problem- solving

Our Inspiration

Although, JAS Siphonic Outlet looks very simple, but it has been designed complex engineering principles in order to protect the building during the rainstorm. The key feature of a JAS outlet is the Anti-Vortex Plate, which prevents air from entering the pipe system. This is inspired by the movement and deposition of sand in the desert, which is closely related to outlet flow pattern.

3-Way flow directions

Our unique JAS Outlet3-Way flow directions for rainwater helps prevent water vortex, allowing maximum water to flow into the pipe, and ensuring siphonic effect to occur at 2.5 cm. water depth.

Remove the blockages

– Self-Cleaning due to high water velocity
– Prevent vortex from occurring
– Clear leaf & small debris in the gutter
– Agitating + Linear flow avoids blockages

Flexible in design

The JAS outlet is designed to operate at full discharge capacity up to 10 time compared to gravity outlets. These outlets allow the designer to install a minimal number of outlets and have them connected to a single downpipe.