We are JAS Siphonic

JAS Siphonic is a specialist supplier of Siphonic Roof Drainage Systems. We are a leader in siphonic rainwater management, with a designed base of more than 35,000 systems worldwide. We provide design, JAS siphonic outlets, HDPE piping systems, supervision and installation services that can support our client needs whilst creating specific benefits and integration for your building project.

The JAS Siphonic system is the solution to your rainwater management needs and will overcome design limitations, help to reduce project costs by up to 60% and it can drain 10 times faster than a comparable Gravity System.

JAS Core Value

Our 5 core values are the foundation of JAS Siphonic and our business strategy, which are Cost Effectiveness, Safety, Flexibility, Sustainability, and Trust.

Our Business Philosophy

We want our clients to feel that they have selected well-designed & competitive products that add value to their building projects.

Jas Mission & Vision

Our goal is to create and maintain a strong market position as the leading siphonic roof drainage specialist through design excellence and outstanding customer service.