HDPE Pipe and HDPE Molded Fittings


HDPE pipes are the most suitable for the siphonic rainwater drainage system due to their high-density material, range of sizes, high flexibility, and long life span. They are resistant to sun, rain, corrosion, and negative pressure. Butt Fusion method can be applied for pipe welding, using heat to weld the pipes together, which is convenient and strong, as well as preventing leakage.

HDPE Molded Fittings

JAS Siphonic’s HDPE fittings are a molded fitting, easy to install, reducing leakage and making the pipework aesthetics.

JAS Clamp

JAS Clamp is a specified pipe support tool for the siphonic rainwater drainage system, with diameter ranging from 50 mm. to 315 mm. The clamp is made of galvanized steel. When the siphonic system is fully functioning, extremely high water velocity in downpipes and high water volume can cause vibration and sway to the pipes. As a result, the clamp with proper size is necessary to firmly support the pipework.


Bracing is an accessory that keeps the pipes from vibrating or swaying while the siphonic rainfall drainage system is functioning.

Bracing will be installed where the pipes change their direction as high water volume with relatively high velocity will impact those areas and produce momentum that could cause the pipes to vibrate. The designer of the siphonic rainwater drainage system will advise where the bracing must be installed.

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