• Siphonic System

Siphonic System

JAS Siphonic is an engineering-based system that provides effective rainwater management and there are some advantages that the conventional rainwater drainage system could not deliver.

JAS Siphonic can collect rainwater from various outlets through a single pipe to a specified manhole with no slope required for horizontal pipes, providing extra space below. For distribution centers that require space for the truck or other vehicles to deliver products, sloped horizontal pipes from the conventional rainwater drainage system can lead to the restriction of the space below or the blocked vehicle’s tracks. Once the JAS Siphonic is installed, the problem will disappear as the horizontal pipework can be located below the gutter along the roof canopy.

For projects with limitations that can’t install rainwater pipes in the middle of the building or wish to merge multiple rainwater pipes to certain manholes, we can design to satisfy the rainwater management demands. 

As we are able to install the pipe route as desired, manholes around the building are not needed, which will help to reduce cost and time for underground pipework.

JAS Siphonic can gather rainwater from all outlets to the storage pond. There is no need for sloped horizontal pipes and sloped underground pipes. The system can deliver rainwater to hundreds of meters and store it for recycling in the project.

With high velocity flow in JAS Siphonic system, it can eliminate leaves and small debris from the pipe system.

Reduce rainwater outlets, pipes, and purchasing cost of rainwater management materials and equipment. 

JAS Siphonic requires fewer rainwater outlets and pipes than the conventional system, but with higher drainage efficiency. Due to a smaller workload, the installation time is shorter while labor costs remain low. Therefore, the installation cost and the related system cost are less, leading to a cut in overall project costs.

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