JAS Siphonic System

JAS Siphonic System is a solution to rainwater management for your project. We pay attention to every detail and primarily serve the demands of the project owners, overcoming all the limitations of the conventional rainwater drainage system.

Single Outlet System

Jas Siphonic Single Outlet System

Single outlet system: 1 Outlet (Roof Drain) 1 Downpipe (Vertical Pipe) drainage system

This system requires 1 outlet per 1 downpipe with a diameter of 50-160 mm. The pipe size is smaller than the gravity drainage system and less pipe installation. It can drain water at the maximum rate of 60 lps per pipe, suitable for the gutter at the building edge with supporting manholes.

Multi-Outlets System

Jas Siphonic Multi Outlet System

Multi-Outlets (Roof Drain): 1 Downpipe (Vertical Pipe) drainage system

This system collects rainwater from various outlets into one downpipe with a diameter of 50-315 mm. It can drain water at the maximum rate of 270 lps per pipe, without the need for sloped horizontal pipes. This reduces the amount of Riser pipe and is suitable for projects with limitations on pipe route, projects that wish to reduce manholes or wish to enhance the project’s aesthetic with pipework at the building edge or the designated shaft.

Secondary System (Safety System)

Jas Siphonic Safety System​

The Secondary System ensures safety in case the main drainage system is insufficient due to clogged downpipes or heavier-than-usual rainfalls. For projects which are unable to install Overflow channel at the gutter, a Secondary System can be installed instead.

The Secondary System requires a Secondary Roof Drain Outlet which has a higher level of inflow-opening than the main system. The drainage system will start draining water when the water level reaches 8 cm. The Secondary system will be piped separately from the main drainage system, with the pipe end above the ground level for observation of high water volume caused by heavy rainfalls or pipe blockage. When water flow is detected at the pipe end, the gutter and rainwater drainage system should be inspected to restore the system to normal operation.

Jas Siphonic System

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