JAS Siphonic Design

The design of JAS Siphonic rainwater drainage system will require information for calculation as follows.

  1.   Roof plan to calculate rainwater surface area

Roof Area or Horizontal Area (sq.m)
= Width of roof x Length of roof

Vertical Area (sq.m)
= 1/2 x (Width of roof x Length of roof)

  1. Each floor plan to design pipe route
  2. Building’s section drawing to indicate each floor’s height
  3. Desired locations of Riser pipe. The desired Riser pipe locations can be specified.

5. Rainfall Intensity (RFI). In each area, rainwater volume and rain duration are not identical. Some areas may face heavy and prolonged rainfall, while some may face light rainfall for a short period, causing the rain intensity for design at some areas to be different.

6. Rainwater volume calculated from

Q(lps)= (Roof area x Rainfall intensity) / 3600

7. An equation for the water velocity calculation, pipe size, and changing pressure derived from Bernoulli’s equation

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